Scarecrow (Death Angel, Exhumed, Etc.) Release New EP “Raise The Death’s Head”

Scarecrow (Death Angel, Exhumed, etc.) have digitally released a new EP titled “Raise The Death’s Head.” Physical copies of the effort will also be available on November 5. The EP, which can be streamed below, features the following songs: “Raise The Death’s Head,” “Desperate Hours,” and “Victory?.” Drummer Will Carroll commented:

“When Matt [Harvey] hit me up about reactivating Scarecrow I was thrilled. We worked our asses off the first time around but never had a proper recording to show for it. It always felt like there was unfinished business. So I’m stoked for these songs finally seeing the light of day. In a way Scarecrow led me directly into joining Death Angel and now everything has come full circle. I hope you enjoy this ep and there’s certainly more to come…”