Jynx Premiere “Cuchifrito” Video

Jynx have premiered a new song titled “Cuchifrito.” The band wrote the track with Veil Of Maya’s Marc Okubo and an animated video for it can be found below:

Guitarist Jerry DeLorenzo commented:

“The process was a fun one, we normally go in knowing what we want out of a session, but with no pre-recorded material so it all flows naturally. When we laid out where we wanted this song to go, Zach mentioned the idea of getting Marc involved and it felt like a no brainer. We clicked pretty instantly and were able to crank out the instrumental in just a few hours.”

Vocalist Tommy Roulette added:

“I typically try to keep our lyrics on a positive note, but I needed to get shit off my chest this time. Over the past few years while working in NYC nightlife, I’ve happened to lose a lot of friends to drugs, especially because of the recent fentanyl crisis. It was overwhelming and put me in a very negative space. I’m not telling anyone how to live their lives, but if you do partake, fentanyl test strips can save a life. Be safe out there.”