Hellhammer’s “Apocalyptic Raids” To Be Reissued In March

Hellhammer’s “Apocalyptic Raids” is set to be reissued on March 27. The effort, which will be available on deluxe gatefold LP and mediabook CD, has been remastered by V.Santura (Triptykon) and it features art from founding member Tom Gabriel Warrior (Triptykon, etc.) and an expanded booklet with rare photos and new liner notes.

Warrior commented:

“It truly is a pleasure to see BMG Rights Management/Noise Records finally utilizing their rights to significant parts of Hellhammer’s early 1980s catalogue, and to know that they are doing this with utmost respect and the necessary understanding of the group’s eminence and spirit. And it is an honour for me to have been asked to participate in this reissue project by developing the concept and overseeing both the remastering process and art direction.”

“I am deeply grateful for the efforts the label has invested into this project, and I know I speak for all former Hellhammer band members, deceased and alive, by stating how grateful we all feel that Hellhammer’s music is still relevant and in demand all of these many years later.”

Here’s the track listing for “Apocalyptic Raids”:

01. “The Third Of The Storms (Evoked Damnation)”
02. “Massacra”
03. “Triumph Of Death”
04. “Horus / Aggressor”
05. “Revelations Of Doom”
06. “Messiah”

Tom G. Warrior To Perform Hellhammer Music Live With Triumph Of Death

Tom G. Warrior has announced the formation of Triumph Of Death, a new project that will see him performing music from his pre-Celtic Frost band Hellhammer. The group, which also features Mia Wallace (Niryth, The True Endless), Michael Zech (Secrets Of The Moon, Odem Arcarum) and Alessandro Comerio (Forgotten Tomb, The True Endless), are currently scheduled to perform at Hellfest Open Air in Clisson, France on June 21. Warrior commented:

“Hellhammer” will never return and will never be reformed. It is absolutely impossible to reform a band so closely linked to a very specific and unique period in time. I never considered it, no matter how substantial the offers that were pitched to me over the years. But Hellhammer‘s music exists, and it is an extremely important part of my life’s path. And I would like to play it onstage before my demise.”