Alphamega (Ex-Butcher Babies, Etc.) Premiere “Lords Of The Flies” Video

Alphamega, the band featuring Chris Warner (ex-Butcher Babies) and Valor & Vengeance’s Adam Ryan and Mike Muenzer, have premiered a new video for their new song “Lords Of The Flies.” This track is expected to appear on the group’s upcoming EP. Ryan commented:

“It’s about humanity. That’s what the fly represents. We exist on this planet doing our daily routines trying not to get squashed before the next day starts all over again. Some of us do enough to make it out of the shit, some of us live in it, and some of us don’t make it. We’re born, we consume, we reproduce, we die. Our goal as artists is to find the beauty in what we all take for granted in our everyday lives. Whether it comes from the shadows or the light, we want to give it new life and perspective.”

Chris Warner (Ex-Butcher Babies) Teams Up With Valor & Vengeance Members In Alphamega

Chris Warner (ex-Butcher Babies) has teamed up with Valor & Vengeance’s Adam Ryan and Mike Muenzer in a new band called Alphamega. The group are currently finishing up their first tracks and you can help them fund the songs by participating in various sponsorship opportunities at