Boris And Uniform Share “Not Surprised” Music Video

Boris and Uniform have shared a new video for their new song “Not Surprised.” This track is from their new collaborative album, “Bright New Disease,” which will be released on June 16.

Atsuo (Boris) said the following about the song:

“I thought it would be appropriate for the last song on the album, and I imagined that it would be just as cathartic if we played it at the end of the show as well.”

Michael Berdan (Uniform) added:

“I’ve struggled with mental health issues for my entire life. Although years of hard work, medication, and a support network help immensely at keeping the internal violence of my mind at bay, some days will always be a little worse than others. This song is about the inherent loneliness of those bad days.

The level of antipathy I feel towards the entire human race as I’m forced to function around regular people who seem to be just enjoying their life goes beyond words, but I tried to say it here anyway.”

Director A.F. Cortes also commented on the video:

“I wanted (and had to) approach this piece from a visceral and experimental perspective. After listening to the song, I created a dark and surreal film reflecting the track’s themes and mood, leaving my comfort zone and turning some of my processes upside down– literally.

The overarching theme of the piece is a cycle of violence; this is my interpretation of the music, not necessarily the authors’. We live in a never-ending cycle of violence; humans are as good at creating as destroying. In the video, the hunted becomes the hunter and then is hunted again. But who wins?”

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