Frozen Soul Share “Frozen Soul” / “Assimilator“ Music Video

Frozen Soul have shared a new music video featuring their songs “Frozen Soul” and “Assimilator.“ The tracks, which feature GosT, appear on the band’s newly released album “Glacial Domination.”

The group commented:

“‘Frozen Soul‘ and ‘Assimilator‘ are the perfect set of tracks to debut the whole record with. These songs showcase where Frozen Soul has been, where we are and where we plan to go! The songs and video are a tribute to John Carpenter‘s ‘The Thing‘, one of our all-time favorite movies and a huge influence on the band!

It was amazing having my brother Josh Green involved in the concept and lyrical writing as well as our friend Gost with the synth for the beginning and the end of the two songs! The video shot and edited by Brendan McGowen is set in both The Thing film and comic world and we had a lot of fun creating it in the mountains of Denver! We hope you all enjoy it as much as we did making it all!”

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