Filter’s New Album Will Now Be Called “The Algorithm”

During a recent interview with 94 Rock WOTT, Filter’s Richard Patrick revealed that the band’s new album will now be titled “The Algorithm.” This news comes after it was previously stated that the record would be called “They Got Us Right Where They Want Us, At Each Other’s Throats.”

Patrick said the following about the change:

“The other title was way too long. And I don’t wanna be as divisive as I’ve been in the past. So I decided to just call it ‘The Algorithm’ ’cause if makes total sense to me.”

He also added the following about the inspiration behind the new music:

“America. Just social media, America, divisive behavior. We’re all in this together. The ultimate message is we’re all in this together, bro. We’re all on this tiny little planet. And it’s fragile, it’s being polluted, the people on it are fighting. We live a very, very, very beautiful life for 70 years or so, and then we pass on. And let’s take advantage of this time and work together and protect each other and help each other. And that’s the ultimate message of the record.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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