Cattle Decapitation Premiere “A Photic Doom” Music Video

Cattle Decapitation have premiered a new video for their new song “A Photic Doom.” This track is from the band’s newly released album “Terrasite.”

Travis Ryan said the following about the song:

“[The lyrics for ‘A Photic Doom’] are more of just a metaphor for being alone in your head and turning away from the life that is exposed by the light of day. Shaking your fist at the sun for exposing this place to us. For uncovering the depravity of our species and casting light onto subjects rather than letting them rest in the darkness.”

Josh Elmore also added the following about the album:

“All the CATTLE hallmarks are there; ripping blasts, abrasive and aggressive guitar/bass riffs and Travis [Ryan]’s varied vocal approach; but this record just feels different. There’s a deep richness to the guitar tones and a more prominent bass guitar presence, the drums parts are assaultive, but tasteful and Travis’ vocals are as varied as they’ve ever been but with an added emotional depth. The whole record sounds like a somber panic attack; like mourning the loss of a loved one at Mach 3. The trademark CATTLE intensity is always there, but this time at paces that range from frantic to controlled and driving but with more focus on menacing heaviness. The ambient and effect-laden guitar presence also takes up a much larger part of the whole experience.”

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