Spotlights Share “Discerning Alchemy” Short Film

Spotlights have shared a new short film titled “Discerning Alchemy.” The documentary, which can be seen below, focuses on the making of the band’s latest album “Alchemy For The Dead.” Mario Quintero commented:

“In early 2022, John [Pope] approached us when we were opening for Cave In in Pittsburgh, with the idea of filming a ‘making of’ video. At the time, we weren’t really sure about having someone in our space while recording. Usually that process is very personal to us, and on top of that, our studio is tiny! But once we saw John’s work, and got a chance to sit down and hear his vision, we were 100% in. He’s an absolute master of his craft, and by himself, created a piece that we believe truly shows who we are as a band and as people, while also capturing our process. We’re so excited for people to see it! It’s a perfect companion to the album.”

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