SOM To Release Depeche Mode Tribute EP In May, Share Video For Cover Of “Enjoy The Silence”

SOM have announced a new Depeche Mode tribute EP titled “Faith.” The effort will be released on May 26 and it will include covers of “Enjoy The Silence,” “Personal Jesus,” “Policy Of Truth,” and “Never Let Me Down Again.” An official video for “Enjoy The Silence” can be found below. Will Benoit said the following about that track:

“‘Enjoy The Silence‘ is one of my all-time favorite songs and it embodies everything that makes Depeche Mode great. As soon as the drums kick in you get this iconic, earworm guitar line, then the song drops down into a sort of weird, off kilter verse melody which explodes into a stadium-sized, emotional chorus. It was daunting to take this song on because it really does have a life of its own outside of Depeche Mode. So we worked pretty hard to find a delicate balance of homage, but we also really wanted to ‘own it’ and infuse as much weight and density as possible. Working on the arrangement felt like a lesson in how to write a great song, and it was a special feeling to get to really live inside of this piece of music for a while.”

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