Kemikalfire (Halestorm, Lit) Premiere “Dead And Gone” Video

Kemikalfire, the new project featuring Halestorm’s Arejay Hale and Lit’s Taylor Carroll, have officially released their first single “Dead And Gone.” You can find an official video for that track below;

Hale commented:

“Kemikalfire is a pathway to release for any and all feelings, frustrations and struggles we all experience in our worlds and in ourselves. ‘Dead And Gone’ was written from a genuine and honest question: how will we be remembered after we die, if even remembered at all? It’s a song we hope can encourage those to make positive change, chase fulfillment in their lives, live and die with no regrets and never having to ask themselves, ‘what if?’”

Carroll added:

“Kemikalfire Is therapy for me. There’s not one lyric in our songs that isn’t truthful to what we’re conveying through our music. ‘Dead and Gone’ is a very personal song to me that asks the question that I’ve been wondering for years: ‘Will I be remembered?’ I feel that every single person in this world is here to express their full potential, and I feel that we all want to leave a legacy behind. This is truly a song for the underdog and for those who feel like they want to feel valued and important in this world. We feel the same. We see you.”

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