Gus G. Offers Update On New Firewind Album: “I’m Hoping To Have Everything Wrapped Up By End Of Spring”

During a recent interview with TotalRock, Gus G. offered an update on the new Firewind album. The guitarist says he is “hoping to have everything wrapped up by end of spring.”

Gus said the following:

“It’s still in the works. We tracked drums before we left for tour in early January. And actually now I have about a month off before I head out to another tour, which is for my solo band. But I have a month window here to finish up all the guitars. So basically I’m taking this week off and then next week I start tracking guitars. I’m hoping to have everything wrapped up by end of spring, right before summer, and start rolling out some more singles this summer.”

He continued when asked if “Destiny Is Calling” is a good representation of the new material:

“Yeah. I think it’s definitely a good taste of what’s to come. All the songs, I think, have that type of anthemic vibe to them. So, yeah, I thought it was a really good, strong track to kick things off.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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