Converge Working On New Material And Expanded Edition Of “The Dusk In Us”

During an interview with The New Scene, Converge’s Kurt Ballou confirmed that the band are writing new material. On top of that, the guitarist also revealed that an expanded edition of “The Dusk In Us” is being planned as well.

Ballou said the following:

“I don’t know when we can expect a new record. But we are writing material and when we have enough material to record an album, we will record an album, and then we will release it. That’s pretty much how it goes in Converge. So we’re not on any kind of schedule or needing to get anything out by a certain time, but we do wanna keep writing and releasing music.

The current thing that we’re working on right now is making sure that all of our back catalog is all in print. And the next one up I think is the ‘Dusk In Us“, which I think is the most recent proper Converge album. But we have a new version of the deluxe album that’s gonna have some recent live material on it; that’s in the works.”

[via The PRP]

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