Angel Vivaldi Premieres “Nine” Music Video

Angel Vivaldi has premiered a new video for his song “Nine.” This track is from his newly released EP “Away With Words Pt 2.” Vivaldi had the following to say about the video, which features his drag alter-ego, NOVAGina:

“Music should be fun, inspiring and rebellious. Sacrificing my integrity as an artist, especially to appease what is safe, isn’t an option. I’ll forever go through great lengths to honor a concept or idea because that’s the responsibility given to every artist who chooses to write music. How my music is perceived is none of my business, but how much of myself I devote to everything I do is. Whether it’s a song, a video production, a drag persona or being the best human I can be, I make sure to do it authentically and mindfully. I couldn’t be happier with ‘Away With Words, Part 2’ or the video for ‘Nine.’”

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