The Devil Wears Prada To Release Deluxe Edition Of “Color Decay” In May

The Devil Wears Prada will be releasing a new deluxe edition of “Color Decay” on May 5. The expanded effort will include two new songs, along with acoustic tracks, live tracks, and remixes. Pre-orders can be found HERE.

“Color Decay” Deluxe Edition Track Listing:

01. “Exhibition”
02. “Salt”
03. “Watchtower”
04. “Noise”
05. “Broken”
06. “Sacrifice”
07. “Trapped”
08. “Time”
09. “Twenty-Five”
10. “Fire”
11. “Hallucinate”
12. “Cancer”
13. “Reaching”
14. “Ignorance”
15. “Salt” (acoustic)
16. “Broken” (acoustic)
17. “Sacrifice” (acoustic)
18. “Cancer” (acoustic)
19. “Watchtower” (live)
20. “Salt” (live)
21. “Sacrifice” (Ray Volpe remix)
22. “Salt” (Fairlane remix)

The band commented:

“We’ve been so proud of and grateful for ‘Color Decay’ feedback, and with that, we’re releasing our first deluxe edition in 15 years. Listeners have all chimed in with favorited tracks and we’ve cooked up a bunch of videos; fast forward, we figured we had no choice but to grow the ‘Color Decay’ universe even bigger.”

You can find an official video for “Reaching” from the record below. Mike Hranica added the following about that track:

“‘Reaching’ is a song about unapologetic growth. I feel we often hear songs of resilience and strength that don’t really cover the dirty, harder times. It takes struggle and failure to better oneself, and I think that’s the soul of this tune.”

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