Igorrr To Protest Merch Cuts By Not Selling Merch During London, UK Show

Igorrr are the latest artists to protest the unfair merch cuts that venues have been placing on artists. The band issued a statement, saying that they will not be selling merch during their March 11 show in London, UK.

The band said the following:

“We’d like to inform you that we won’t be selling merch at our London show tonight:
The venue @o2forumktown is asking for a 25% cut on our merch sales.

We could have raise-up the prices of our t-shirts and hoodies, but it doesn’t seem fair to us to have our UK fans paying more than they should, especially because the venue is asking for a spectacular percentage for no particular reason. We tried to negotiate with them, but they are not interested in helping us at all. For those of you who would like to purchase some merchandise online, our webshop will be updated with new designs after the tour.

You can check our website http://www.igorrr.com for more infos. Thanks for your support

Notably, Cult Of Luna have shared support for Igorrr as well:


Touring post covid in a complete different world is a struggle and for some bands an economic nightmare. Merch sales are a huge part of our touring budgets and the reason some bands (including us) are able to continue to provide the show we want, to invest in good production, pay our team etc.

We refuse to raise Merch prices because some venues are asking for Merch cuts, and this is becoming a norm.

We stand with @igorrr_music”

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