Pallbearer, Drain, Narrow Head, Etc. Added To 2023 Oblivion Access Festival

More bands have been added to this year’s Oblivion Access festival. The event will take place across Central Presbyterian Church, Mohawk, and Elysium & Valhalla in Austin TX on June 15-18 and it will now feature the following: Faust (50th anniversary set), Duster, TR/ST, Godflesh, Tim Hecker, Clipping., Earth (performing “Earth 2“), Beak>, Yellow Swans, Drab Majesty, Clams Casino, Lil Ugly Mane, Have A Nice Life, Spirit of The Beehive, VTSS, RXK Nephew, Ludicra, YOB, Giles Corey, Narrow Head, Bing & Ruth, Pallbearer, Chat Pile, Drew McDowall, Drain, Choir Boy, Thou, Jarboe, Final, Lucas Abela, Riki, City Of Caterpillar, Jeromes Dream, Planning For Burial, Mamaleek, Midwife, Helm, Cloud Rat, Bosse de Nages, SRSQ, MSPAINT, Body Of Light, Sissy Spacek, Prison Religion, John Wiese, Cold Gawd, Drowse, Amulets, Sprain, Ragana, Street Sects, Elizabeth Colour Wheel, Succumb, Jpdreamthug, Thor & Friends, Agriculture, Coin, Domino, Nuclear Daisies, Fuck Money, Crawl, Parasiticide, Deep Cross, Private Hellscape, Flesh Of Morning, Godshell, Shelly Knicks, and Desist.

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