Cryptopsy, Gorguts, Etc. Added To 2024 Maryland Deathfest

More bands have been added to next year’s Maryland Deathfest. The event will take place in Baltimore, Maryland on May 23-26 and it will now feature: 1349, Abbath, AHAB, Apartment 213, Archagathus, Archgoat, Arcturus, At War, Aura Noir, Avulsed, Beheaded, Bloodbath, Blue Holocaust, Bölzer, Brodequin, Broken Hope, Carpathian Forest, Cenotaph, Coffins, Cryptopsy (“Blasphemy Made Flesh” 30th anniversary), Daeva, Deathhammer, Defeated Sanity, Defleshed, Depulsed, Derkéta, Extortion, Fossilization, Goat Torment, Gorguts, Grave, Grave Miasma, Haemorrhage, Imperialist, Impure, Incinerate, Inhume, Internal Suffering, Intestinal Disgorge, Kurnugia, Mortuary Drape, Necessary Death, Noctem, Noisy Neighbors, Organ Failure, Primordial, Ripper, ROT, Sacrifice, Severe Torture, Siege Column, Sinmara, Sissy Spacek, Skinless, Spectral Wound, Stabbing, Tankard, Triac, Vermin Womb, Vomitory, Vomi Noir, Yacøpsæ, and Yellow Eyes.

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