Taproot Reveal Cover Art And Track Listing For “Best Of Besides” Compilation

Taproot have officially revealed the cover art and track listing for their “Best Of Besides” compilation. As previously reported, that record will feature songs from the band’s “Besides“ collection and it will be available as a CD on April 30 and as a deluxe 2xLP vinyl set on September 30.

“Best Of Besides” Track Listing:

01. “Justice Is Blindfolded” (independent release)
02. “Shine” (independent release)
03. “Smile” (shitty demo)
04. “Again & Again” (independent release)
05. “Remain” (pretty good demo)
06. “Contradiction” (less shitty demo)
07. “Poem 2 Self” (pretty good demo)
08. “Angel” (pretty good demo)
09. “When” (pretty good demo)
10. “Except I Love You” (pretty good demo)
11. “Calling” (pretty good demo)
12. “These Walls” (alternate studio take)
13. “It’s Natural” (alternate studio take)
14. “Wake Up” (alternate studio take)
15. “Wherever I Stand” (acoustic version)
16. “Kiss From The Sky” (pretty good demo)
17. “The Everlasting” (pretty good demo)
18. “Kevin Spacey” (shitty demo)

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