Suicide Silence Premiere “Alter Of Self” Music Video

Suicide Silence have premiered a new video for their latest single “Alter Of Self.” This track is from the band’s new album “Remember… You Must Die,” which will be released on March 10. Mark Heylmun commented:

“‘Alter Of Self‘, musically, is a step in a much more melodic direction than the tracks we’ve released as of late. It’s speaking a much different language, but still has all the bone-shattering groove and breakdowns you’d expect from us. Lyrically, the song isn’t difficult to interpret. It’s about doing such a large dose of mind-altering substance or substances that you begin to worship yourself as god. Tune in and drop out on this one.”

“Remember… You Must Die” Track Listing:

01. “Remember…”
02. “You Must Die”
03. “Capable of Violence (N.F.W.)”
04. “Fucked For Life”
05. “Kill Forever”
06. “God Be Damned”
07. “Alter of Self”
08. “Endless Dark”
09. “The Third Death”
10. “Be Deceived”
11. “Dying Life”
12. “Full Void”

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