Queensrÿche’s Todd La Torre “Working On Ideas” For New Solo Album

It looks like Queensrÿche’s Todd La Torre is contemplating new solo material. The frontman says he is currently “working on ideas for [his] next record.”

Todd said the following:

“Working on ideas for my next record. I’m looking to do something with more open chords, a more classic distortion sound, and a little less palm muted riffs. Open chords and space always allow for a more diverse vocal to be created, and without a good vocal melody, you don’t have anything memorable or worth a damn. Less is more in many cases.

While I love Rejoice in the Suffering, I am not exactly wanting to do another record just like that. I believe Craig and I can do something even better, and much more musical (the word that comes to mind). The best songs were never with overplaying or too complex. I just want to write great songs, whatever that ends up being. Maybe this idea will turn into a great chorus idk, but it doesn’t hurt to at least capture the ideas.

Recording this with my 1981 Ibanez Destroyer II, Kemper, into ProTools.”


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