Atreyu And Kayzo Release New Song “Depression Season”

Atreyu and Kayzo have joined forces for a new song titled “Depression Season.” You can stream that track below:

Atreyu’s Brandon Saller commented:

“Meeting and working with Kayzo was so effortless. Our first collaboration, ‘Battle Drums,’ then belonged to the world and did more organically than either camp had imagined. It only made sense for us to embark on Round 2. ‘Depression Season‘ is completely a different and fresh take on what people might expect from an Atreyu and Kayzo mashup!”

Kayzo added:

“Round 2 with Atreyu was even more fun that the first time around. We all got back into the studio and spent a whole day recording drums bass guitar and vocals and brought it to life by combining that with DNB elements and ‘Depression Season‘ was born. I love working with these guys because they get it. They are willing to take risks outside of their comfort zones and I think that shows in our music together.”


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