Axl Rose Issues Statement Regarding Guns N’ Roses Fan’s Microphone Injury Claim

Axl Rose has issued a statement in response to a fan who recently made headlines after allegedly suffering injuries to her face after the singer threw his microphone into the crowd during Guns N’ Roses’ November 29 show in Adelaide, Australia. He says “from now on [the band will] refrain from tossing the mic or anything to the fans.”

Rose said the following:

“It’s come to my attention that a fan may have been hurt at r show in Adelaide Australia possibly being hit by the microphone at the end of the show when I traditionally toss the mic to the fans. If true obviously we don’t want anyone getting hurt or to somehow in anyway hurt anyone at any of r shows anywhere.

Having tossed the mic at the end of r show for over 30 years we always felt it was a known part of the very end of r performance that fans wanted and were aware of to have an opportunity to catch the mic. Regardless in the interest of public safety from now on we’ll refrain from tossing the mic or anything to the fans during or at r performances.

Unfortunately there r those that for their own reasons chose to frame their reporting regarding this subject in a more negative n’ irresponsible out of nowhere light which couldn’t b farther from reality. We hope the public and of course r fans get that sometimes happens.

A BIG THANKS to everyone for understanding.”


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