Avenged Sevenfold Raising Money For Club Q Shooting Victims

Avenged Sevenfold are raising money for the victims of the recent mass shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs, CO. The band are accepting donations through an ETH address and are also encouraging fans to donate to Colorado Gives.

The group said the following:

“Over the weekend, one of our @deathbatsclub family members was involved in the tragedy that took place in Colorado Springs, CO and we are all very thankful that he is ok. Unfortunately, 5 others were not and more are currently fighting for their lives in the hospital.

We have set up the ETH address – 0x51738cBEc7b96635D3573942f9194b675eEf4bcd – and are taking donations through Dec 4th 12am PT. All proceeds will go to the Club Q Shooting Response by Colorado Healing Fund in his name.

We‘ll also be sending Zacky Vengeance’s ‘BATsquiat’ 1/1 that comes with a yearly gift box featuring rare memorabilia, autographed collectibles, stage used items, and relics from the vault curated by ZV to the largest donor.

If you would like to donate but do not have ETH, you can do so here: coloradogives.org/story/Clubq

The outpour of support from you all has been incredible to witness. Thank you and keep looking out for one another.”


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