Dredg Announce “Dredg Vault” Box Set

Dredg will be releasing a new “Dredg Vault” box set on December 1. The effort will include a 340-page hardcover book, re-releases of early music, and more.

The band commented:

“dredg VAULT – a bold, very limited collection of previously unreleased and recently sourced works of art, music, video and relics spanning 28 years time.

The centerpiece is a 340 page hardcover book (10″ x 13″) signed, numbered and personalized, encapsulating the entire career of the band, from childhood to today.

Other articles and relics include re-releases of early music, unreleased documentary studio footage, conceptual letters, maps, lyric books, as well as never released music.

Each vault is delivered in a custom artwork printed box personalizing the experience from the moment it arrives.

All proceeds go towards funding the new dredg album, LP #6.”

[via The PRP]


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