Void Of Vision Surprise Release New EP “Chronicles III: Underworld”

Void Of Vision have surprise released a new EP titled “Chronicles III: Underworld.” The effort features three songs including: “HELL HELL HELL,” “ASMR,” and “NEUE SICHT.”

Vocalist Jack Bergin previously said the following about “HELL HELL HELL”:

“‘Hell Hell Hell‘ is a brand new world of Void Of Vision that has definitely been hinted at or given a nod in previous work. But this is where we truly get to showcase our own raw and explicit take on it. It’s been so insanely fulfilling to create, feeling so foreign yet strangely just as much at home within our discography alongside all our other works.”

He has since commented on “ASMR” as well:

“This track out of everything was funnily enough the first song we wrote for the whole Chronicles series during the pandemic and a piece of work we kept left aside to save for the final chapter. I’m fairly sure the vocal demo was the first thing I tracked on my laptop for this whole project.

The simplicity of ‘ASMR‘ never once changed from there, we wanted to keep it extremely stripped back and open and build to a big finish. Yet in the final moments with the track in the studio, we decided to change up the finale completely, going against what was initially a much more ‘traditional’ VOV-sounding finish, and opting to challenge ourselves to really bring it home and cement this new experimental sound of ours.

We took influences from a large culmination of favourites from the past few years including The Presets, Chanel Tres, and Nine Inch Nails and put it all together in a big fucked up blender together.”

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