Slipknot’s Corey Taylor Says His Upcoming Novel Will Focus On “A Psychic, A Witch, A Serial Killer, And A Demon”

During a Q&A session at this year’s “For The Love Of Horror” convention in Manchester, UK, Slipknot’s Corey Taylor discussed his upcoming novel. According to him, the book will focus on “a psychic, a witch, a serial killer, and a demon.”

Taylor said the following:

“I actually started [work on it] about a year ago… The novel… I won’t give too much away because I don’t wanna get too much in ’cause I’m still trying to map it out; I’ve only written the first three chapters. But it has to do with a psychic, a witch, a serial killer and a demon. And yeah, it’s as cool as you think.

And it’s weird — the psychic develops this kind of psychic bond with the serial killer who doesn’t realize he’s psychic. So it’s an interesting twist. And if I do it right, I have a plan to use the central characters in several other books. So if the first one doesn’t suck, we’ll see what happens… But it very well could suck ass.

However, I’ll at least go, ‘All right. Well, we’re not doing novels anymore.’ But that’s the thing — you try it. If you have a taste for it and you develop a talent for it and if it’s good and if people dig it, then you can carry on and see how far you can take it. But if people go, ‘Yeah, you shouldn’t do that anymore,’ I’ll listen — I promise I’ll listen. It’s only because you guys go and see my movies that I actually act as well. So there you go.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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