Contracult Premiere “The Infirmary” Music Video

Contracult have premiered a new video for their new song “The Infirmary.” This track is from the band’s new album “The New Torment,” which will be released on November 4.

Director Kyle Kouri commented:

“I wanted to create a three-and-a-half minute little horror movie that felt and looked like Metropolis meets Re-Animator meets Weekend at Bernie’s. Travis and I both appreciated the comedy of the plot, and the low budget ’80s vibe of the set and shots, but we also wanted there to be a real sense of grief in this video. ‘The Infirmary‘ is about a man helping his partner in an assisted suicide and the long process of saying goodbye afterwards. I think we were able to create an authentic mix of camp and compassion.”

Frontman Svart added:

“We all pity the sick and injured but one talks about the tragedy of the nurse. The ones who work day and night, feeding, dressing and cleaning their patients, for no real reward. The hours are long, the salary is small and the work can be abusive. You always resent the ones you love, in ‘The Infirmary.’”

[via New Noise]


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