Joe Lynn Turner Premieres “Tortured Soul” Music Video

Joe Lynn Turner (ex-Rainbow, ex-Deep Purple) has premiered a new video for his new song “Tortured Soul.” This track is from his new album “Belly Of The Beast,” which was released today (October 28).

Turner commented:

“Today, October 28, 2022, is a very exciting day for me. After hard work and a long waiting period, the album ‘Belly Of The Beast’ is finally being released along with the main single and video ‘Tortured Soul’. The song is one of my favorites. It’s an epic-sounding track and the video has the depth and strong subject manner I am passionate about.

Throughout our life, we all encounter problems, difficulties and events that shape and define our lives. These events can have both positive and negative effects on our character and personality. The motivation for the song lyric was inspired by a war veteran friend of mine who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, commonly known as PTSD. I could have never known then how timely this subject matter would be with today’s current conflicts and problems that now threatens the whole world. The synchronicity that the universe has envisioned for this composition to be relevant during this particular time is amazing, and it reminds me to always trust the energy and guidance from the source that is forever a part of our lives.

As the video concept was being developed, I realized the importance of the broad spectrum of meaning the lyrical narrative contained. What I mean is that it’s not just about PTSD, but about anyone who has struggled with emotional and psychological issues. No matter how, what type, or how serious the events that occurred. This is about everyone and anyone who is dealing with mental and emotional damage. The fear and helplessness one feels, the more likely they will be deeply traumatized. They may even feel the same way they felt at the exact time of the original trauma, as if they were reliving the event. The mind can trigger a thread and cause a reaction of fear, panic or agitation. Feelings of detachment and confusion or becoming withdrawn, not wanting to connect with others is a common mechanism used to cope with the problem.

The individual in the song is lost, afraid and desperate, struggling with a near mental breakdown just trying to regain the basic feelings of humanity. All this is mirrored in the lyrics and messaging on ‘Tortured Soul’.

I hope you enjoy the song and video, and are interested in hearing the full album now that it is available. Blessings to you all!”

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