Bad Wolves Release Deluxe Edition Of “Dear Monsters”

Bad Wolves have released a deluxe edition of their latest album “Dear Monsters.“ The expanded version of the effort features a total of 22 tracks.

“Dear Monsters” Track Listing:

01. “Sacred Kiss”
02. “Never Be The Same”
03. “Lifeline”
04. “Wildfire”
05. “Comatose”
06. “Gone”
07. “On The Case”
08. “If Tomorrow Never Comes”
09. “Springfield Summer”
10. “House Of Cards”
11. “Classical”
12. “In The Middle”
13. “Mama I’m Coming Home” (Ozzy Osbourne cover)
14. “If Tomorrow Never Comes” (feat. Spencer Charnas of Bad Wolves)
15. “The Body”
16. “Sacred Kiss” (feat. Aaron Pauley of Of Mice & Men)
17. “Up In Smoke”
18. “I Don’t Wanna Feel”
19. “Wildfire” (orchestral)
20. “Sacred Kiss” (acoustic)
21. “If Tomorrow Never Comes” (acoustic)
22. “Lifeline” (acoustic)

Drummer John Boecklin commented:

“With so many different versions of songs and unreleased material from the ‘Dear Monsters‘ sessions we decided to release a deluxe version with everything in one spot. ‘I Don’t Want To Feel‘ was the first song DL brought to the band, and has a special place in our hearts. ‘Wildfire‘ is an orchestral version and is a darker side of our original. Lots more to unpack here so have at it!”


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