Slipknot’s Corey Taylor: “We Refuse To Be Limited By Limited Imaginations”

During a recent interview with Kerrang! Radio, Slipknot’s Corey Taylor discussed the band’s latest album “The End, So Far.” The frontman says the effort has diversity because the group “refuse to be limited by limited imaginations.”

Taylor said the following when asked why the new material has resonated with people:

“I think it’s because we refuse to repeat ourselves — ever. I mean, there’s a similarity [to our previous records], obviously, but we never like to, kind of, go back over the same scorched earth, let’s put it that way. We like to challenge ourselves. ‘Cause we know if we challenge ourselves, it’s gonna challenge the listener, and that’s going to help them expand their own horizons when it comes to the music that we’re putting out.”

He also added:

“You can’t just expect the audience to get there; you have to lead them. And we keep pushing the boundaries and keep really redrawing the map as far as what SLIPKNOT music means, because it means so many different things to so many people, and that’s the good thing. If it just means one thing and you try to expand yourself, you’re not gonna get very far. But because we started, from day one, expanding the boundaries and changing the landscape for ourselves and for the listeners, now if you ask a group of people what SLIPKNOT music means, you will get a very varied opinion about that, because it means so many different things to so many people. There’s so many great things about this band that so many different people love — from the heaviness of songs like ‘The Dying Song’ and ‘Hivemind’ to the atmospheric stuff like ‘Adderall’ and ‘Finale’. We refuse to be limited by limited imaginations. Ours is off the charts, so we’re gonna take you with us — kicking and fucking screaming, if need be — and we’re just gonna do it our way.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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