L.S. Dunes (My Chemical Romance, Thursday, Etc.) Premiere “Bombsquad” Live Video

L.S. Dunes (My Chemical Romance, Thursday, etc.) have premiered a live video for their new song “Bombsquad.” This track is from the band’s new album “Past Lives,” which will be released on November 11.

Singer Anthony Green (Circa Survive) commented:

“The lyrics for ‘Bombsquad‘ came from a poem that I wrote around the time of the January 6 insurrection. In the midst of the pandemic, people were trying to take down the government because a ConMan politician couldn’t admit that he had lost the election, not for any legitimate grievance or protest. The song is a rage against society’s depressing and destructive forces.”

He also added the following about the significance of the word Leora:

“‘Leora‘ is an age-old word meaning ‘of the light’ or ‘compassion,’ which I think is something we need to call and reflect on for growth and unity.”


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