In Flames Announce “The Jester’s Curse” Graphic Novel

In Flames have joined forces with Z2 Comics to create a new graphic novel titled “The Jester’s Curse.” The book was written by Ben Laverock and Scott Dewey and it can be pre-ordered at Here’s a synopsis:

“‘In Flames: The Jester’s Curse‘ channels the post-apocalyptic fantasy behind the quintet’s world. This surreal tale follows the band’s grim mascot, Jesterhead, as he emerges from the Wasteland, where he finds himself trapped in Dead Eternity—a distorted reality where worlds collide and nightmares thrive. The tortured figure attempts to recover his lost memories… but the devious Whoracle Queen wants him first.”

Notably, Z2 Comics are also planning to release a “Clock Maker” action figure, etched vinyl, art prints, and more.


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