Make Them Suffer Recruit Alex Reade As New Keyboardist/Vocalist, Premiere “Doomswitch” Music Video

Make Them Suffer have welcomed Alex Reade (ex-Drown This City) to the band as their new keyboardist/vocalist. With this news, the group have also released a new song titled “Doomswitch.” You can find an official video for that track below. The band commented:

“‘Doomswitch‘ is a term coined by online poker players used to describe a hypothesized mechanism by which an online poker site will continually infer bad luck onto a player. Sean related to this term and, at the time, it felt as if a ‘Doomswitch’ had flicked on his life, so we used the concept as the main inspiration for the song. We’ve adopted a new element into our sound along with the inclusion of a new member: Alex. This song marks a new chapter and the next step forward for the band and the sonic shift in ‘Doomswitch‘ really drives that home.”


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