Dope’s Edsel Dope Issues Open Letter To Sebastian Bach Following Falling In Reverse Controversy

As previously reported, Falling In Reverse recently scrapped their WIIL Rock festival performance in Grayslake, IL after being unable to find the laptops they use to fill out their live sound. The cancellation resulted in backlash from a number of people including SiriusXM’s Eddie Trunk and ex-Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach, who ended up in a Twitter feud with the band’s frontman Ronnie Radke. Now, Dope vocalist Edsel Dope has decided to get involved by issuing an open letter to Bach in an effort to bring the musicians together.

Edsel said the following:


You are a legend and I can honestly say that you are one of my FAVORITE vocalist of all time.

In a world that keeps trying to declare that ‘rock is dead’, I appreciate the hell out of Ronnie Radke & his commitment to the game. After 15 years of being a mostly independent artists, this dude continues to defy the odds and has ascended to the point where his band is currently packing amphitheaters with thousands of young rock & metal fans each night.

Respectfully, I have to ask….

Have you ever actually listened to Falling In Reverse? I HIGHLY recommend that you roll a fat one, get super HIGH and check them out 🙂 The sound is a total hybrid.. Blending incredible vocal melodies with heavy guitars & double bass, while also being supported by an ultramodern, electronic element.

This electronic element is equally as important to the band’s musical compositions and to the identity of the band’s sound, as the traditional instruments of bass, drums, guitars, and vocals.

I could better understand the criticisms of yourself and or Eddie Trunk, if the intent was to call out a vocalist who was lip synching, or attempting to fake out or deceive the audience in some way, but that is obviously not what is happening here..

Further, the additional layers that a band like Falling In Reverse incorporate into their sound, would be more in line with what a live DJ would be responsible for.

A modern day DJ generally uses a laptop as their instrument, so if they were to lose those laptops, the band can’t just borrow another one, because all of the missing sound files are unique to the bands songs. Can the band play without them? Sure…. But this would equate to the band not being able to accurately deliver their sound.

You could compare this to performing a song like ‘Slave To The Grind‘ without any amps. It’s totally possible to play the song on acoustic guitars, with no distortion, but that’s obviously not how it is meant to be heard live, nor would it be the preferred way to hit the stage at a festival with 50,000 people waiting to go crazy.

I actually commend Ronnie and his band for being honest with the fans about this situation, rather than making up a more favorable excuse.

The honesty only further demonstrates that they aren’t attempting to hide anything or mislead anyone. I’ve toured with Ronnie & much like yourself, the dudes voice is truly something special…

Truth be told, you actually have a great deal in common.. You both are incredible singers and super high energy characters, with attitude and charisma to spare. You have both used your unique voices to connect with an incredibly youthful audience, which directly helps to expand the demographic of heavy music.

In the end, I think that the 2 of you should have a beer together and listen to some Black Sabbath really loud. I predict that you’ll have your arms around each other before the first chorus is over and you will likely become fast friends. Hell, you may even get arrested together….

I hail you both!

Edsel Dope“


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