Falling In Reverse Cancelled Their WIIL Rock Festival Performance Due To Missing Laptops

Falling In Reverse were scheduled to perform at the WIIL Rock festival in Grayslake, IL, but they ended having to cancel due to missing laptops. The decision has sparked backlash amongst fans who have blasted the band for not being able to perform without computers.

Frontman Ronnie Radke said the following in a video that was shared on Facebook:

“WIIL Rock, I regret to inform you that we have to cancel and we have no other option. I’m sorry. And I never make videos like this, but I feel like I owe it to you guys.

So we show up to rehearsal. We only planned to rehearse one time. Because we just got off tour, we don’t need to rehearse that much. And we walk into rehearsals and our laptops are missing that we run all of our show on and stuff. And as a band in 2022, you need your laptops. It’s like driving a car without an engine. It’s really unfortunate. Supposedly they are lost. Blame it on our crew, I guess. I don’t know how that happened; that’s never happened before. [I’m] pretty upset about it. They are brand new laptops. And I’ll see you guys at Aftershock in Sacramento on October 2nd. I’m very sorry, guys.”

A number of fans have since responded in the comment section, including one who said “Can’t you just play your instruments and sing.” Another added:

“Ha he said in 2022 bands need their laptops…what…ya I don’t think so! Should have lied and come up with a better excuse!”

A third person continued:

“I’m not going to the festival but what pisses me off about them canceling is he’s blaming the crew. This excuse is bullshit. They just don’t want to play and instead of faking an illness like the rest of us do, he’s putting blame on the backs of people who work their asses of to make them look good. That’s what’s fucked up.”

A fourth fan also chimed in:

“Hey everyone! Public service announcement. If you were going to go see Falling In Reverse in concert there’s been some absolutely horrible news…they don’t have their laptops!!! They have to cancel Such a bummer! I hope they get new laptops on stage soon so everyone can see them again! Please have some empathy for them.

Can you imagine playing music in 2022 without a prerecorded laptop show? I know…Me neither. On the plus side, he DID say that they don’t need to practice much when they DO have a working laptop (that can play most of their show for them).

Please support this band. They really outwork everyone else and mix that with true talent. Nothing can stop their success (except maybe WIFI issues). I hope they can get a new MacBook soon so they can exist again!”

SiriusXM’s Eddie Trunk commented as well:

“This is astonishing .. First I heard about this I thought it was a joke to wind me up. How much longer are fans, promoters , media, just going to accept the epidemic of live rock shows… not really being live? Paying your hard earned money to see a band play “live” that’s not truly live?! And there are countless bands in 2022 that hone their craft and play live! Tons! New and old !! Including the one that subbed for them in their slot, JACKYL . No laptop needed there! This is just unreal. But at least I give them credit for being honest. Wow. I am closer than ever to launching my own band. And I can’t sing or play a note .. simply amazing.”

[via Blabbermouth]