Falling In Reverse’s Ronnie Radke Calls Out Audience Member For Wearing A “Fuck Ronnie Radke” Shirt

During Falling In Reverse’s September 12 set at the Blue Ridge Rock Festival in Danville, VA, Ronnie Radke took some time to blast a heckler in the audience. The frontman took issue with the man after he was seen wearing a “Fuck Ronnie Radke” shirt.

Radke said the following:

“Where’s the guy with the ‘Fuck Ronnie Radke’ shirt? I noticed that he saw me and then he pulled it down. You do not want the fucking smoke homie, I will beat your fucking ass. This is not Twitter, I’ll beat your fucking ass.

How old are you? Bro, you’re like fucking 40, in the front row with a self-made ‘fuck Ronnie Radke’ shirt? You are not married. You’re not married.

Listen man, I’ve got my 8-year-old daughter standing right there… Have some respect for you, us, yourself and everybody else man. It’s disrespectful. What’s your problem? You got a problem with me? I don’t even know who you are. How am I piece of shit? You don’t even know me homie. You don’t know me. You’re a bitch, fuck you and your homie.

I’m not a piece of shit, I’m a good motherfucker. I’m a good dude. You’re a misled motherfucker and you’re too old to be here doing that shit. You should be fucking ashamed of yourself man. You should be ashamed of yourself man. For real, man.

You stand up to motherfuckers like this. I’ve beat up people twice your size. I’ve beat up people like you on his shoulders. I’m not playing with you. And if I won’t do it my dad’s biker gang will, homeboy. You think I’m fucking playing? Fuck you.

People try to test me. This is the reason I went to jail because of like him. I go to therapy to control my anger toward for people like this, man. That’s what you guys need to do to… I’m sorry, I don’t let it slide bro, I have an issue with anger. But if I’m being disrespected I get real fucking heated bro. I’ll give you a fucking heart attack homie. I’m serious, you know it too. I’m looking in both of your guys’ eyes. You fucking cyclops looking motherfucker, fuck you.

Come onstage, I’ll fuck you up. I’m not playing with you….

He later addressed the incident on Twitter:

He also discussed things further on Twitch:

Ronnie Radke Calls Out Rapper Playboi Carti For Using Falling In Reverse’s Name On New Shirt

Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke has called out rapper Playboi Carti for using the phrase “Falling In Reverse” on a shirt in his new “Whole Lotta Red” merch line. Radke reacted to the design on his Instagram stories and in the comment section of Playboi Carti’s post. You can find some screenshots below:

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Falling In Reverse’s Ronnie Radke Donates $7,000 To The Word Alive

Falling In Reverse’s Ronnie Radke has donated $7,000 to The Word Alive to help them out after their van was broken into last month. The money was raised via Twitch.

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Falling In Reverse Cancel Remaining “Roast Of Ronnie Radke” Dates

Falling In Reverse have cancelled the remaining dates on their “Roast Of Ronnie Radke” tour “due to a personal family matter.” That run was supposed to feature acoustic performances, Q&A sessions, jokes, stories, and excerpts from Ronnie Radke’s new book “I Can Explain.” The group commented:

“Due to a personal family matter that requires attention, we regret to inform you that the remaining dates of The Roast Of Ronnie Radke will unfortunately be canceled. Refunds available at point of purchase.”

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Falling In Reverse Announce “Roast Of Ronnie Radke” Tour

Falling In Reverse have announced the dates for their special “Roast Of Ronnie Radke” tour. The trek will feature acoustic performances, Q&A sessions, jokes, stories, and excerpts from Radke’s new book “I Can Explain.” Worst Dude will serve as the host and moderator at each event.

Tour Dates:

10/20 San Diego, CA — The Irenic
10/21 Anaheim, CA — Chain Reaction
10/22 Los Angeles, CA — Teragram Ballroom
10/25 Houston, TX — Warehouse Live
10/26 San Antonio, TX — Alamo City Music Hall
10/28 Pensacola, FL — Vinyl Music Hall
10/29 West Palm Beach, FL — The Kelsey Theater
11/01 Orlando, FL — The Social
11/02 Atlanta, GA — The Masquerade
11/04 Greensboro, NC — Arizona Pete’s
11/06 Baltimore, MD — Ottobar
11/07 Worcester, MA — Palladium
11/09 Rochester, NY — Historic German House
11/11 Pittsburgh, PA — Mr. Smalls Theatre
11/12 Cleveland, OH — The Grog Shop
11/14 Chicago, IL — Bottom Lounge
11/15 Minneapolis, MN — Studio B At Skyway Theatre
11/16 St. Louis, MO — Fubar
11/18 Lawrence, KS — The Granada
11/19 Denver, CO — Moon Room
11/20 Salt Lake City, UT — The Grand @ The Complex
11/23 Portland, OR — Hawthorne Theatre
11/24 Seattle, WA — El Corazon

Woman Who Accused Ronnie Radke (Falling In Reverse) Of Rape Offers Her Side Of The Story

It was previously reported that 25-year-old Kacee Boswell had accused Ronnie Radke (Falling In Reverse) of rape, and that he was suing her for defamation. Now, in a lengthy interview with Alternative Press, Boswell has offered her side of the story.


Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

“Can you walk us through the events of that night? There’s a lot of conflicting information out there. Levi’s post, the NY Daily News, Ronnie’s statement —
KACEE BOSWELL: Ronnie’s statement is a direct conflict with what the witness had to say to law enforcement. He doesn’t want to do any press. But I can tell you what he said to them.

You don’t have to be any more explicit than you’re comfortable with, but since I’m talking to you, I’d like to hear what happened [from you]. You both acknowledge you had some kind of prior relationship in the past.
Ronnie actually told the witness that he had never met me before in his life. The witness saw Ronnie leave me on the side of the road and came over to me. Then Ronnie and [his bodyguard] came back. The witness was like, “What’s going on?” And they were just like, “We don’t know this girl. She was acting crazy. We didn’t know what to do. She was going to come to the bar with us. But, like, she told us where she lived and we didn’t really know where she lived so we just dropped her here.” The witness was like, “OK, well, have you guys called the cops?” And they said, “Yes.” Then Ronnie started yelling at me, and said, “You have no idea how much trouble you’ve gotten me into, Kacee.” Then they got in the car and sped off again. So we waited on the curb for the police to show up. They didn’t. Finally this police car drove by and the witness flagged it down. [The cops said] “We have no record of anyone calling the police.” That police officer stayed and called the police for us. That’s when EMS came and took me to the hospital. [In a text message, the witness told AP he saw “three gentlemen leaving her on the side of the road, extremely disoriented and intoxicated,” noting, “I did believe Ronnie’s story and allowed them to leave the scene before the police arrived.” – Ed.]

You came to the show to see the band and because you knew Ronnie, right?
Yeah. He gave me two backstage passes. I still have the other one. He texted me [inviting me to the show] and I was like, “Oh, yeah, just send me some passes.” I have no shortage of girlfriends who are huge fans of his, but I ended up going by myself.

I read something alleging Ronnie’s bodyguard assaulted you during the show.
I didn’t say that.

Were you misquoted? I thought I saw that somewhere.
I didn’t say that. I don’t want to get into explicit detail about what happened with Ronnie and I. My lawyers have told me not to. I’ve been completely barraged by text messages and phone calls saying I should kill myself, saying that I’m too ugly to be raped. I’ve been accused of extorting him for money and all sorts of things. My statement to those people is: “Wait until the rape kit comes back” and the police report gets sorted out with the witness. The witness did say that he was going to talk to the police and tell the truth, which completely contradicts Ronnie’s statement [to AP]. [The witness tells AP he is cooperating with police, but refused to speculate as to whether a crime was committed. He indicated he will decline any future press requests. – Ed.]

The NY Daily News wrote, “A 25-year-old woman is claiming Falling In Reverse singer Ronnie Radke and several others forced themselves on her sexually.”
I never said “several others.”

“Gang rape” is definitely in the first sentence. Where did they get that?
Where I think they took that from is those other news sources, like Metal Sucks and whatever, saying that I accused them of gang rape. I never accused anyone of gang rape. With all due respect, I’m not willing to go through a play-by-play of the night. But I never said that anybody gang-raped me.

You wrote that Radke and his bodyguard posted bail. Would you like to clarify?
Well yeah I would like to, as best as possible. At the hospital, a Murray Police Department officer asked me if I knew exactly where they were. I told her that they [had played] the Murray Theater. So they did the whole rape kit thing, which is so embarrassing, and just so degrading. They had given me some pain medicine. I was at the hospital for over two hours. The officer came back and said they had caught them right before the bus was leaving, which contradicts [what Ronnie and his bodyguard] told the witness, which was that they had to leave right then to get to bus call. So they left me on the side of the road and went to go play pool at a bar. I believe they went to The Woodshed. Somebody from, I guess, Slaves, or whatever band, said that I was with them at the bar, which is absolutely insane, because I wasn’t. So they lied about that.”

Head to AltPress.com to read more.

Ronnie Radke (Falling In Reverse) Files Defamation Suit Against Rape Accuser

As previously reported, a woman named Kacee Boswell, and her friend, have accused Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke of rape, which was said to have taken place after the band’s June 3 show, in Utah. Now Radke is firing back with defamation suit.


Alternative Press posted the following summary of the civil complaint:

“From the complaint: “As best as can be determined from Defendant Boswell’s shifting versions of events, Defendant Boswell claims that, on that night, she was raped two separate times, to wit, (1) during the band’s performance, in the band’s tour bus, with Radke’s bodyguard perpetrating the first alleged rape, and (2) after the band’s performance, in a car en route to Boswell’s home, with Radke and Radke’s bodyguard perpetrating this second alleged rape.”

The complaint continues: “Ronald Radke has been exonerated as fully as can occur in less than one week: The police swabbed the tour bus and the car and found no evidence of a rape. The police have taken no action against Radke. The police did not arrest Radke. The prosecutor has not charged Radke. Radke was not required to post bail. No restrictions have been placed on Radke’s movements.”

“The first rape was impossible, according to the complaint, as Radke’s bodyguard was present on or near the stage during Falling In Reverse’s performance. “The second alleged rape – after the performance, in a 4-door Nissan Maxima sedan, by Radke and the bodyguard – is equally impossible, since, among other reasons, Radke sat in the front of the car while Boswell sat in the back.”

So what does Radke allege happened on the night in question? He admits to a prior “casual intimate relationship” with the alleged victim. Her presence on the tour bus after the show is not in dispute, however, the band and crew say there were never less than a dozen people onboard.

Furthermore, Radke (and other witnesses) say the singer was never alone with the alleged victim.

After the show, Falling In Reverse buddy Danny Bateman (best known from Fuse TV’s Warped Roadies) offered to drive Boswell, Radke, and Radke’s bodyguard to a local bar called The Woodshed. Bateman drove, Radke sat shotgun, and the other two sat in back.

While en route, according to the complaint, “Radke decided that Boswell was seriously intoxicated or otherwise debilitated in some manner. Radke told Boswell that, instead of going to The Woodshed, Radke wanted the car to take Boswell either to a hospital or to her home. Boswell refused to go to a hospital, instead providing the name of an intersection as the location where she wanted to go.” Once at the intersection, “Boswell initially refused to leave the car; [Bateman] had to help secure her exit from the vehicle. Boswell then sat on the curb, awake, coherent and operating her phone.”

Radke is suing Boswell for Defamatory Statements made online and to the New York Daily News, alleging she acted with some combination of malice, fraud, and/or oppression. “The gist or sting of the Defamatory Statements is that Radke is a rapist, an alleged rapist and/or someone who condones rape by members of his entourage and that Radke has been arrested and has posted bailed [sic] for a violent sexual crime.”

“Radke’s suit seeks monetary compensation for damages to the singer’s reputation. “The Defamatory Statements make or are likely to make Radke the subject of hatred, contempt, ridicule, obloquy, opprobrium and/or shunning,” and causing damage to his “property, business, trade, profession and/or occupation.”

Boswell has also continued talking about the case on social media, and has claimed that she has received “death” and “assault threats,” and that she will continue to “work with the police.”

Woman Accuses Ronnie Radke (Falling In Reverse) Of Sexual Assault/Radke Denies The Allegations

A woman named Kacee Boswell and her friend have accused Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke of sexual assault. The two took to Facebook and claimed that the vocalist was involved in a gang rape, after Falling In Reverse’s show in Utah, on June 3, and that Boswell was the victim. You can read the statements below.


Kacee Boswell said:

“I’ve been a victim of sexual assault too many times. Once is too many. Four times is too many for any person. Please pray for me”

“Broken nose (previous to assault) bruises all over my body and a three inch contusion on my jaw and torn throat ligaments from fighting back. Thanks Ashley-Jade Thewlis & Levi Rounds for taking care of me and putting that monster on blast.”

“The situation has blown up on social media. He even tweeted about me being a dumbass.

75% is fangirls saying I should kill myself and 25% are people saying he can never come back to Utah.

As if having a rape kit and a severe contusion on my jaw weren’t enough.”

“It was the Murray Police Department and I got a rape kit immediately. I’ve also known him for ten years. Victim shaming is a huge part of the problem with rape culture. I don’t know y’all but I hope as you get older you learn that. Thank you Lacie, Danilo & David.”

Her friend added:

“A pile of literal human garbage named Ronnie Radke gang raped someone really important to me last night (because that’s how real men treat women, with their bodyguard as backup) and tossed her out onto the curb. He’s some has been, talentless musician that was playing the Murray Theater last night. If any of my friends book him, defend him, or even mention his name around me, we aren’t friends anymore. I hope he dies a slow painful death surrounded by people cheering on his suffering, Christ like, minus the martyrdom.

I haven’t cried this much in over a year, and nothing even happened to me. The person it happened to is one of the strongest individuals I’ve ever met in my life. She’s going to be ok. Just the fact that someone can do this to another person makes me sick and sad for our whole race. Fuck him, his garbage music and everything he stands for.

Please no shitty jokes. This isn’t an open mic forum. Just me venting online instead of kicking a fucking wall.”

Radke has since talked to Alternative Press about the situation and claimed that all the allegations were false:

“The Internet is a wonderful place because everyone has a voice. It’s also an awful place for the same reason. This isn’t the first time people have taken it upon themselves to spread ugly, unsubstantiated claims about myself and my friends. No one from our band or crew were arrested in Utah. After our show in Salt Lake City, we were concerned for someone who appeared to be under the influence and called 911. I personally spoke with law enforcement. I certainly was never under arrest or charged with any crime.”