Watch Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson Remove Fan From Stage During Anaheim, CA Show

During Iron Maiden’s September 22 show at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA, a fan got onstage and had to be removed by Bruce Dickinson himself. Blabbermouth shared a rundown of the incident, which occurred as the band were playing their closing track “Aces High”:

“After the aforementioned backwards-cap-wearing fan made his way to the left side of the stage, he dropped down to his right knee and excitedly flashed the devil’s horns hand gesture at both guitarist Janick Gers and Dickinson, neither of whom appeared to be thrilled about the stage breach. Bruce then motioned for the fan to come off before grabbing him by his hand and attempting to bring him to the back of the stage. However, the fan apparently had other ideas and proceeded to walk forward toward the center of the stage near where bassist Steve Harris was standing, at which point he removed his cap and began furiously headbanging for the entire crowd to see. This prompted a visibly irate Dickinson to grab him by the back of shirt and forcibly drag him to the back of the stage where he was escorted off by the MAIDEN stage security.”

[via Blabbermouth]


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