Doro Pesch Offers Update On New Album: “It’s Like 80% Done”

During a recent interview with Metal Rules, Doro Pesch offered an update on her new album. According to her, the effort is “like 80 percent done.”

Pesch said the following:

“The new record is almost done. It’s like 80% done, and there are awesome songs. There are anthems, fast songs, and some really soulful songs. So, I think that 80% of the record is already done. I mean, 80% of the songwriting is done, and we have recorded lots of stuff. It will be out sometime later next year.”

She continued when asked if it will have a similar style to “Forever Warriors, Forever United”:

“Yeah, but it’s probably not a double album. The next year is my 40th anniversary as an artist. And, of course, we want to do something special, but it will be a single album.”


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