Former Venom Drummer Anthony “Abaddon” Bray Diagnosed With Lymphoma

Anthony “Abaddon” Bray (ex-Venom) has sadly been diagnosed with lymphoma. The drummer is currently undergoing treatment for the disease.

Bray issued the following statement:

I noticed a mass growing on the side of my neck in July 2022, I thought it was maybe an insect bite as I live near the sea and it was a hot month here.

The mass grew bigger and, urged by my wife Rachel, I went to see my GP who reassured me that it was most likely not cancer because cancerous lumps don’t come up over night usually, rather they take a longer time to grow. However she referred me to the freeman hospital in Newcastle to a specialist who reiterated her thoughts on the speed of my growth.

He did some tests then sent me straight away for a biopsy, I had three samples taken and then went back to see my specialist who said that sadly it was lymphoma a cancer of the blood.

He sent me immediately for a CT scan and an MRI scan which showed that I also had cancer in my bowel and lower intestinal tract.

He decided therefore to not operate on my neck but to refer me to haematology at wandsbeck hospital in Ashington.

They decided on 6 cycles of chemotherapy which I started yesterday.

I will also be referred back to freeman hospital for radiotherapy after a few bouts of chemotherapy.

Non of this will break me.

Fuck cancer.


He has since shared an update as well:

“I feel pretty good today after first chemo session, might be the 17 steroids I’m on mind.”


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