Wolves At The Gate Release “Eulogies (Live Sessions)” EP

Wolves At The Gate have released a new live EP titled “Eulogies (Live Sessions).” You can find the effort on the service of your choice HERE.

“Eulogies (Live Sessions)” Track Listing:

01. “Shadows” (live session)
02. “Peace That Starts The War” (live session)
03. “Lights & Fire” (live session)
04. “Weight Of Glory” (live session)
05. “Silent Anthem” (live session)

Guitarist/vocalist Steve Cobucci commented:

“Whenever we are writing new material, we always try to envision what these songs will feel like in a live setting. When we finished writing ‘Weight Of Glory,’ it was easily the track we were most excited about bringing to life in a live setting. After being unable to play shows for a couple of years due to the lockdown, when we finally got together to play these songs, ‘Weight Of Glory‘ was the first one we wanted to play. It was a fun and explosive moment for us that really got us excited for the prospect of playing live music again.”

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