Iron Maiden Announce “Legacy Of The Beast” In-Game Collaboration With Within Temptation

Iron Maiden have joined forces with Within Temptation for a new collaboration inside their “Legacy Of The Beast” game. A Within Temptation-inspired character called “Genesis” will appear in the mobile game as part of a dungeon event that was launched today (September 19).

A press release offered more details:

“This week-long event will take fans and players on a journey with ‘Different World‘ Eddie and Genesis, who’s now been woven into the ‘Legacy of the Beast‘ lore, as mother of the Different World.”

Within Temptation’s Sharon den Adel commented:

“If I listen to Iron Maiden, I feel like I’m on an adventure and I’m traveling through time. Eddie is my tour guide and with Eddie and Genesis teaming up.. That’s the best thing ever! Aren’t they a cute couple?! Genesis, for us, is not only a symbol of an evolution of life, but also a symbol for the wars within the mind and the wars with the outside world. We think it’s so cool that she previously was only a piece of artwork for us. She was an inspiration for several things we were doing, but now coming to life in this game: it’s a surreal thing to see.. It’s a whole new level! It turned out so awesome, so check it out!”

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