Corey Taylor Says “Drama And Issues” Led To Stone Sour’s Hiatus

During an appearance on SiriusXM’s “Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk,” Corey Taylor confirmed that Stone Sour are going to remain on hiatus for the foreseeable future. The singer went on to say that the dissolution of the group was related to “drama and issues” between bandmates.

Taylor said the following when asked if he would consider revisiting Stone Sour:

“I don’t know. The solo thing’s more where my heart is, to be honest. To me, I’ve done the time doing stuff in a — for lack of a better term — band situation. And the reason I stick with SLIPKNOT is because that, to me, is the one that kind of started everything. But STONE SOUR, there’s still so much drama and issues [between the members]. To me, it’s just not something I desire to do. And songs in STONE SOUR that I want to play are the ones that I wrote in the first place. So to me, I would rather go out with a group of dudes who I’ve known forever and have a great time playing these songs and have the audience enjoy it because they see a bunch of dudes up there enjoying it than try to force issues on an audience that nobody really wants to be a part of, let’s put it that way.”

“It’s been a bitter pill to swallow, but I’ve also reached an age where I refuse to waste any time with people who I don’t enjoy being with, let’s put it that way. And that’s saying more than I actually should be saying. When it comes to my bands, I know in the past I’ve been very open to talking about it. But I’m very reticent about talking about things that deal with people who I care about. And whether there are issues or not, I still care about them. So it’s tough. I have to rein myself in ’cause I’m not gonna throw anybody under the bus because nine times out of 10 I could be the problem too.”

“I just know that at this point in my life I have more reason to love the solo thing than I do to try and do something with STONE SOUR. Now, am I saying that it’ll never happen? No, because you never know. Something might come up and we could get an opportunity, and we could get an opportunity to do something for charity, and we all get together and we do something really, really cool. But my immediate plans right now — there’s no STONE SOUR in the future.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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