Plague Years Drop Off Tour With Creeping Death, 200 Stab Wounds, Etc. After Parting Ways With Drummer Mike Jurysta

Drummer Mike Jurysta has exited Plague Years. As a result, the band will be unable to make their previously scheduled tour. The group issued the following statement:

“Unfortunately we have to drop off the tour with Creeping Death, 200 Stab Wounds, SpiritWorld, and Tribal Gaze. Mike has decided to leave the band, and with that, it left us with not enough time to find a replacement. We apologize to everyone who was looking forward to seeing us. Trust that we are crushed we can’t be out there playing these new songs and hanging out. Fortunately we have found a new drummer to replace Mike, so expect us playing shows again very soon. Announcement about that coming soon. Again, very sorry we can’t make it to the shows. We hope that everyone can forgive us. We promise to come back faster and heavier then ever before.”

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