Boundaries Premiere “Realize And Rebuild” Music Video

Boundaries have premiered a new video for their new song “Realize And Rebuild.” This track is from the band’s new album “Burying Brightness,” which will be released on October 14.

Matthew McDougal commented:

“Most of the record is about one person I sadly watched lose himself. On ‘Realize And Rebuild‘ I’m coming to terms with regretting how our relationship was and how to now move forward. It’s very easy to be like, ‘If only I knew what I know now, it could’ve been better.’ The song is about internally addressing the fact ‘wasted time is just wasted time.’

I could sit around and keep thinking about it, but I found solidarity on my own. I now understand the situation he was in, and I didn’t get it before. I was too young and too naive, addiction is a nightmare and it took him from me.

It’s too late to do anything for that relationship. Looking back I realize when he was calling at three in the morning to talk about nothing, it was his way to look for comfort, of reaching out. I can keep it in mind going forward while trying to not lose and let down more loved ones.”

[via Revolver]

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