Butcher Babies Members Guest On New Rue Vox Song “Bitch Don’t Come For Me”

Butcher Babies vocalist Heidi Shepherd and guitarist Henry Flury are featured on a new Rue Vox song titled “Bitch Don’t Come For Me.” You can find an official video for that track below. Rue Vox commented:

“It’s an empowering track and anti-shaming (fat shaming, slut shaming, etc..) and actually turns into a dis-track in the bridge where Heidi ALMOST name drops a certain well known artist that she has had this kind of experience with in the past. I wanted the video to be along the lines of the movie ‘Death Becomes Her’ where we’re some hot girls getting ready for a night out but all of a sudden our bodies start falling apart and we’re just ‘hot ghouls’ by the end of it. The video features myself, Heidi Shepherd (Butcher Babies) and Shannon Gunz (DJ from Octane on SiriusXM).”

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