The Lurking Fear (At The Gates, Etc.) Working On New Music

The Lurking Fear (At The Gates, Tormented, etc.) have revealed that they are working on new music. However, it is unclear when the new material will surface.

The band commented:

“A short message:

From the immense vaults of the horrific and haunting whispers of the dead, The Lurking fear rises. We are not dead, we are only deader…

The progress of re-incarnating the psalms written by the gods of old incorporated with the sound of bones gnawed by the serpents of the underworld is taking place.

New tunes of horror, sickness and mental illness will be written in the blood of the feeble minded. Hymns of the past will rise from the desert plains of the of the usurpers darkest place.

The Lurking Fear – 2022

Andreas, Adrian, Tomas & Fredrik“

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