96 Bitter Beings (Ex-CKY) Premiere New Song “Wish Me Dead”

96 Bitter Beings, the band featuring Deron Miller (ex-CKY), have premiered a new song titled “Wish Me Dead.” This track is from the band’s new album “Synergy Restored,” which will be released on November 4. Miller commented:

“At some point in their lives, many of us come face to face with that special someone that actually puts more time and effort into attempting to get us to fail than they do into trying to succeed themselves. Jealousy is so baffling because it is too transparent of an emotion to deny. There’s nothing else you can call it…whether you are the recipient or the one dishing it out. We knocked it out of the park on ‘Wish Me Dead.’ Instantly you recognize that classic CKY sound; and a song I am this proud of has only come around once or twice in my whole life.”

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