The Struts Premiere New Song “Fallin’ With Me”

The Struts have premiered a new song titled “Fallin’ With Me.” You can find a lyric video for that track below:

Luke Spiller commented:

“The song’s lyrics were written down whilst on numerous nights out with someone that I was seeing at the time. We always kept meeting at the same place on the Sunset Strip and after a while I had a collection of phrases and lines that all had a certain feel to them.

The chorus was intended to be a really heartfelt ballad, but once the music had been recorded it took the vocal delivery to another place entirely. Fa-fa-fa-fallin’ was just me joking around and having a laugh, but it quickly became a crucial part of setting the tone of the song.

‘Fallin’ With Me’ is something that The Struts have never done before. We’ve done a lot of straight-up rock, but this feels different. The response we have been getting while performing it live has been electric, so I’m excited for everyone to hear the studio version!”

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