Dino Cazares On Waiting To Announce Fear Factory’s New Vocalist: “Some Things You Just Can’t Rush”

Fear Factory’s Dino Cazares has commented on the lack of information regarding the band’s new vocalist. The guitarist says the group are waiting to make the announcement, because there are “some things you just can’t rush.”

Cazares said the following:


People make it seem like right after our vocalist quit in 2020 that FF immediately found a replacement, THAT IS NOT THE CASE !!!

It took over a year to find someone, and then when we did find that someone you have to work together to make sure your styles and ?ideas are compatible or that we just simply get along etc.. There’s a lot that goes into this.

FF is not going to just pick anyone without going through a trial period. It wouldn’t be good to find out a year from now to realize you don’t get along or that it’s just not working out.

It’s not smart to rush things and prematurely release new music cause in order for this to work it has to be done right.

It’s like you falling in love to fast, 6 months later you both get married ,then you move in together and realize you made a mistake by rushing into the relationship that ends in a divorce.


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